This site was done with jQuery, CSS, some JavaScript, and HTML. It is a beautiful design done by Adelle Abney.



This site uses advanced CSS techniques to allow for floating elements. The design was done by Adelle Abney.



The site runs on Joomla which allows its users the ability to update it themselves. The design was done by Adelle Abney.



I worked for Turner back in 2001 who had just won the bidding war for the “nascar.com” domain which had been owned by ESPN. We had to convert ESPN’s non-case-sensitive static site over to case-sensitive. Later, we also got a new look and transitioned it to a database-driven site.



With CTG, they brought me in to do their global website in Flash. Working with the Lange-Wheeler Design Group, I developed both the intro and the website. The intro was a commercial lead-in to the website and is the link on the left. Check out the Flash in 2000 goodness!



This is the main website, also done completely in Flash. The links within the flash are to web pages that do not exist anymore.