Sawasdee – A Quickie Review

I have eaten at every Thai restaurant around town and this always ranks #1. I tend to order their Drunken Noodles Chicken which is my favorite. I get it “3 stars” spicy but have had it up to 5. Oh they’ll make it spicy! I was tearing up. The Pad Thai is the best I’ve ever had. I also recommend their Pad Prik Kra Paw Chicken which is an amazing dish with the most intoxicating smell. For an appetizer, I recommend the Satay chicken with the peanut sauce. The chicken can be a little tough sometimes but the flavor makes up for it. A lot of people I know love the Heaven Beef but it’s just not my favorite. I’ve also had their red curry which is top notch. The Kra Paw Catfish is a favorite of friends who can’t quit it to try something else. Try this place against any other Thai place in town and see where you go back to.