SharePoint Enterprise to add PerformancePoint FOR FREE!

The post provides a nice high-level summary:

“PerformancePointÂ’s scorecard capabilities are certified by the
Balanced Scorecard Institute/Palladium, building on the capabilities
first introduced in Business Scorecard Manager. This means companies
can implement their scorecards, following any methodology they choose,
and accurately reflect this with their company strategy. The contextual
dashboards allow organizations to create data-rich views that are
interactive and change based on the users context. Organizations can
create rich views that combine Excel, Excel Services, SharePoint Lists,
Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and relational information to
accurately reflect the business, measure the right information, and
quickly understand changes in real-time.

This capability
augments the team-based KPIs in SharePoint today, and utilizes the
Excel Services environment, already allowing customers to share and
reuse their workbooks in personal dashboards across the organization.”

Microsoft is moving towards becoming a leader in Business Intelligence and it makes sense that this would now be included with SharePoint. But isn't it nice to get something for free after you've spent so much dough? I wish they would just get rid of CALs altogether and make it just a product, but I know, I'm dreaming.