SharePoint 2010

No more carpal tunnel problems typing in “Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007” with the next version, it'll just be “Microsoft SharePoint 2010.” Ok, it's still a little long but it got rid of 12 characters, right? Plus, “MSP10” sounds a little weird for now but shaves a letter off too. These things are important. Going green on naming reduces the number of printed pages filled with “Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Enterprise Edition.”

Feature talks include:

  • much integration with Exchange Server 2010 (now available in beta)
  • a Google Docs-like web integration (which I'm assuming is hosted locally and not in a Microsoft cloud)
  • SharePoint Web Parts for FAST ESP but better integration and bigger
  • The server software will be 64-bit only but probably won't last.
  • Silverlight Media web parts
  • Better accessibility/cleaner code generation
  • Backup/Restore/Rollback and Snapshot backups with virtual load balancing  Near automated build and replace
  • Claims-based authentication
  • Possible inclusion of InfoPath style web-based editor – since
    Office 14 is allowing for some applications to be web-based with
    limited functionality.  Why not integrate some of those into SharePoint
  • SQL tables-like behaviour for SharePoint lists
  • Custom filters won't be necessary to index and extract metadata from ODF and PDF files
  • JQuery and SharePoint vNext
  • Bi-directional BDC
  • Publishing module rewritten, to change the faulty Export / Import process