‘There is no web named’ in logs

Recently I noticed quite a few “There is no web named [link to specific aspx file like AllItems.aspx]” in my SharePoint 2007 logs. Most online boards say to ignore the error, it’s just “noise in the logs.” Well, it can be a lot of noise.

If you remove the item from the Quick Launch (List Settings > Title, description and navigation > Display this list on the Quick Launch?), the errors go away. If you add it back, so do those errors. Solution?

Nope, no solution, but you can at least workaround it. If you set “Display this list on the Quick Launch?” to “No” and then go into your site navigation and add a link back to that list, no more errors. It’s not a pleasant solution but the look is the same to the user and no more errors clogging up my logs.