Beasley’s Chicken & Honey – A Quickie Review

I’ve been here numerous times for lunch and have tried a lot of the menu. Service is usually very prompt, friendly and responsive. Staff is dressed in hipster chic as is the norm in downtown Raleigh. It can get a little loud in there since it is an open room.
The kitchen is shared with Chuck’s so if both places are packed, your food might take a little longer but honestly, I’ve never waited more than 5 mins.

Fried Chicken – very good. They drizzle a little bit of honey on it. Recommended. I wish they would add another piece.
Chicken Pot Pie – very good, but you know it must be 10000 calories. Good portion. Nevertheless, highly recommended.
Fish Fry – good but very good with hot sauce. Ask for some.
Meatloaf – very good. Tasted better than expected (I think most places screw up meatloaf)

Snap Beans – good, not my favorite though.
Summer Squash (seasonal) – mushy. Might as well have mashed potatoes.
Mac-n-Cheese – this is a favorite. Probably the best side on the menu so far.
Yukon potatoes – very good

I’ve only had one dessert, a hummingbird cake, which was ice cold and a bit dry. Not quite frozen but close! Do yourself a favor and go next door to Chuck’s for a milkshake.