Site Content and Structure error

Whenever I tried to access my ‘Content and structure’ link in Site Settings under Site Administration, I would get an error and it would fail. After checking the logs, the following helped me to fix this issue:

First, I used the SharePoint Feature Administration and Cleanup Tool from CodePlex and cleaned out any errors. This changed the error in the logs.

There was now a list ID that was giving a problem. To find which list it was, I searched via the list ID in PowerShell:

Get-SPSite http://yourSite | Get-SPWeb  -Limit ALL | %{$_.Lists} | ?{$_.ID –eq “your-list-ID-no-brackets”} | ft Title, ParentWebURL, RootFolder

Then I deleted the list by name:

$web = get-spweb -Identity http://yourSite
$list = $web.lists["Name of Offending Library"]
$list.AllowDeletion = $true

This script lists all of the titles and IDs per site:

$sitec = Read-Host 'Enter Site Collection (ex:'
$subsite = Read-Host 'Enter Sub-Site(ex: departments or ENTER for "root")'
$site = Get-SPSite $sitec
$web = $site.OpenWeb("$subsite")
write-host "Site: " + $
write-host "Web: " + $
$web.lists | Format-Table title,id -AutoSize

After doing this, I was able to open the link without error.