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I have been a web developer since 1993. I started with simple HTML pages and progressed into more complex tools and languages as the web evolved. Currently, I work with HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, ASP.Net, and am expert with products such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2003/2007/2010/2013, SQL Server (various), MySQL, Joomla, various JavaScript toolkits, and many others. Besides the web, I play drums, enjoy movies, and golf when I can.

Bida Manda – A Review

Ok, the place is beautiful inside – bamboo, good lighting, very clean, new restaurant smell. Outside, well, it’s next to Tir Na Nog so what can you do.


Staff is very friendly, met the owner, the mixologist, all easy people to talk to.

Now the food:

I started with the Fresh Summer Rolls.


Very good! It’s filled with cucumber, vermicelli, shrimp, mint, etc. All the right stuff. The peanut sauce side was the dark thick kind which I’ve had at other places which is good. They cut it up to sushi roll size. Together, it would equal about 1 big roll. There’s only one problem with the dish: it cost $6.50. I usually get 2 rolls for $4.50. Nevertheless, very good.

Next up was the Shrimp Pad Thai. They have “mild, medium, or Laotian hot”. I went all in for the hottest they got!


And first I thought “Did I order the appetizer?” but in actuality, it was plenty. This had everything mixed up in it and it was gooood. The shrimp were tiny and mixed in well. It had carrot, bean sprouts, peanuts, not much egg that I could see, chives, etc. The only problem I had was that on a scale of one to ten in heat, I was at something like a three! Very flavorful, but not going to cut it. I asked for a spice tray and they promptly delivered: it included hoisin sauce, fish sauce, soy, chili oil and sugar (apparently it’s a common added spice). Once I spiced it up (about 10 scoops of chili oil), it was just right. Very good. Better than my favorite Sawasdee? I’ll have to eat it a few more times before I can deliver that title. I brought up their Pad Thai and they were quick to say “Oh yeah, it’s really good over there!”

Well, the chef got wind of my disappointment in the heat and made me this: Papaya salad


Well, this slaw type of salad was pretty mild except for the cut raw red chilies sprinkled throughout. Once I hit those, it was a good burn. This had a good flavor that was very unique. I can’t recommend it but I might get it again. And I can’t complain, it was free! Not sure where the papaya was though.

Lastly, they gave me a shot of their Laotian Iced Coffee:


It was very very good and gave me enough energy to roll out of the restaurant. I would love a full cup one day.

So in the end, this place is pretty good.

SharePoint 2007 and 2010 April 2012 CUs Released

Windows SharePoint Services:

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server:

Office 2007 Cumulative Updates for April 2012:

SharePoint Foundation:

SharePoint Server 2010:

Project Server 2010:

Office 2010 Cumulative Updates for April 2012:

Chrome net-internals

Why didn’t I know about this before?

If you’re a Chrome user and wish to have very similar Fiddler functionality, it’s already built in. Just go to chrome://net-internals/ and you’ll see a large amount of data with the ability to export. It’s pretty nice!

SnapTeam – Social Productivity Solution for SharePoint 2010 and Office365

This looks like it might be really good but I wonder what it costs. At the top it says “free” but at the bottom it states: You can activate and deactivate applications with a click of the mouse. You get billed only for what you use.

SnapTeam by SnapworkSocial

Feature list at a glance:

  • Microblogging – Share anything with your team quickly and communicate with specific team members using @replies. Streamline your productivity by asking for feedback, tag content, and much much more.
  • Team Feed – The team feed organizes all your team’s activities into one easy to digest page.  Track documents, post links, videos, pics, ask questions, assign tasks and provide insight all in one place.
  • Rich Profiles – Quickly explore what your team mates are up to with one click.  Profiles allow you to keep tabs on your team, explore common topics, locate expertise, and communicate all in one simple page.
  • Tagging – Tagging makes the chore of organizing data a breeze!  You can tag your posts as you create them or allow your team to assign tags later.  Your activity stream can be filtered by tag to make finding that proposal much easier or help subject matter experts discover your questions.  With infinite tag context gain insight by discovering content that would ordinarily go unnoticed. Tagging is the fun way to stay organized!
  • Bookmarks – Bookmarks make it easy to keep track of the information that’s important to you.  You can store any number of bookmarks and locate items, docs, links, or any other activity by tag, keeping the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Task Integration – The industry’s first social workflow engine makes social accountable and productive with inline task integration.  Assign tasks to get questions answered, get projects moving, review documents, or anything else you can think of!

SharePoint 2010 Application Templates for Health Organizations

Microsoft has come out with application templates for those who work in academic medical centers or health organizations. See the list of the various templates below: