e815 seem editing table

on the net never seemed to work so I also fully installed the Motorola Phone Tools to get things to work.

Every editor does not work still but as long as you find one that does, you're good. I would also suggest checking out Motomodders.net as a source for information and downloads.


Seem Rec Length Offset/Bit Values Description
2742 1 90 (?) Miscellaneous Parameters (41A on v710)
0A/7 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Item: Settings > Initial Setup > Backlight > Continuous
Dims Backlight instead of shutting off
24/2 (1=Enable, 0=Disable) Press and Hold 1 > Autodial Voice Mail Number
5F/5 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Items: Camera > Picture Setup > Counter
5F/6 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Items: Video Setup > Allow Alert
5F/7 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Items: Video Setup > Video Quality
60/4 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Items: Camera/Video > Setup > Exposure
62/5 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Item: Messaging > Message Settings > PIX Message Setup > New / Edit / Delete
Enables editing of PIX servers
65/5 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Items: Phonebook > Menu > Send, Pictures/Video > Menu > Copy > Bluetooth
Not Supported (Yet)
6A/0 (1=Enabled, 0=Disabled) Enable Bluetooth OBEX Profile
(and Media Transfer via Multimedia Studio / Mobile Phone Tools)
6A/3 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Item: Security > Data Connection
Change 1XRTT Auth Settings and Service Type (QNC, Packet, Auto)
6F/7 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Item: Hidden Setup Menu > GPS Settings
Basic Menu (Hide when enabling advanced menu)
71/5,6,7 72/0,1,2 (1=On, 0=Off) Menu Item: Hidden Setup Menu > GPS Settings
Enable Advanced GPS Settings Menu
75/5 (1=Enable, 0=Disable) Enable Copy/Move To/From Transflash Options


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