No more iPod dock receptacle accessories allowed by Apple?

that doesn't support mic components. Plus, it's a homemade thing and costs $65, a bit much for an extension cord. The only other thing I could find was SendStation's Dock Extender. If I bought 10 of them and strung them together, it might work but that'd cost me $280.

I emailed SendStation to ask if they would create the cable I need. The response was:

we'd love to make a dock extension cable, unfortunately Apple doesn't
authorize any further accessories with dock receptacle. As you might
know the cable shown at is a home-made product and not
licensed by Apple.

Apple doesn't authorize it? Why not? Does this mean a company can't build one and advertise that it's for an iPod? Is this some kind of CorPOrATe CONSPIRACY?!? I want my cable!!!!

UPDATE: MicroMemo might be my solution! Here's a review . Screw iMic!